Antique Apache Olla Basket c.1880-1890


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Antique Apache Olla Basket c.1880-1890

A lovely, handmade Antique Apache Olla Basket c.1880-1890. The largest Apache baskets, Ollas, traditionally used for storing grain, are also the most valuable. Their shape, taller than wide, with a rounded body and rimmed with a gaping mouth, defines them. Originally used for storing grain, as the Apache people became less nomadic, and once they were on the reservations, the need for storage baskets became less important. The Apache ollas later became more of a tourist item. Traditionally, Apache baskets are vivid and striking, with strong contrasts in color and bold geometric or pictorial motifs. The Ollas feature a three rod foundation, allowing the basket to be tight, stiff and sturdy with no bend to them. This yields rounded, well-defined coils that truly stand out.

This particular Antique Apache Olla basket bulbous form with rounded shoulders, flared neck, and tapering base. It features stepped lines and repeated triangles amid other geometric motifs.



The Antique Apache Olla Basket measures approximately 15 1/2″ Tall x 12″ in Diameter.

The base measures approximately 6 3/4″ Wide.

The basket opening measures approximately 6 1/2″



Pre-owned, this item is in Good condition with wear commensurate with age. The piece shows a lovely dark patina. There are multiple stich breaks through this Olla. Likewise, some wear to the top of rim is visible. Please note the small area on the side of the piece (approximately 3/4″), appearing cracked and missing weaving . Some wear present on base. Lastly, please view all photographs as they serve as an extension to the description and condition report.