Early African Bronze Sculpture – SOLD!


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Early African Bronze Sculpture – SOLD!

A lovely weathered Early African Bronze Sculpture. The piece features a standing male figure in full tribal regalia. To illustrate, the sculpture appears to wear an ankle length skirt that ends just above his bare feet. A slight belly protrudes over the skirt. The piece feature what could be a woven necklace or wrap around the neck and shoulders. Below this appears to be a breastplate.  He wears a long necklace that dangles below the figures waist. An ornate headdress adorns the top of the sculptures head. The bronze metal of the sculpture has developed a lovely patina, making this an eye catching piece for home decor.


Item measures approximately 12 ¾” Tall x 6 ¾” Wide x 4” Deep


Pre-owned, item is in Good condition with wear commensurate with age and use. The bronze has built up a lovely patina. The sculpture stands unassisted, though it does possess a slight leftward lean. Note the small hole present on the lower left hem of figures garment. Furthermore, several more small small holes are visible on the left leg. In addition, a small vertical split runs up the back of right leg. Dings and light scratches are present on piece. Lastly, please view all photographs as they serves as an extension to the description and condition report.