Illinois Watch Company Silverline Cased Pocket Watch


An Illinois Watch Company silverine cased pocket watch with a white faceplate and Roman numerals.

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An Illinois Watch Company silverine cased pocket watch with a white faceplate. The Illinois Watch Company manufactured this model between the years 1885-1894. It was founded on December 23, 1870, in Springfield, Illinois by John C. Adams, John Whitfield Bunn, and additional financers. Originally established as the Springfield Watch Company, the business underwent restructuring and renaming twice before 1878, at which point it became the Illinois Watch Company and the last name of the corporation.

This antique pocket watch has a white face with Roman numerals. Within the front, a smaller dial shows the seconds. The letters “I.W.Co.” sits beneath the twelve, indicating the manufacturer. Stamped on the full plate movement are several identifying indicators. Repeated inside are the company initials, alongside “Springfield. Ill” and the patent number of the watch. The model number is 833537. A key sets the watch movement.

Contained within Silverline case stamped Dueber Silverline on the interior of the backplate. The number 1484936 appears beneath the mark and on the inside of the mechanism cover. Silverline is a copper, nickel, and zinc alloy that originated in German metalworks. Silverline, often called German silver, can also be described as nickel silver. Developed alongside the process of electroplating, Silverline was a forerunner to stainless steel, and primarily used from the 1840s onwards.


The pocket watch as a total diameter of 2 1/4″.

The movement size in 18s.


Pre-owned, item is in fair to poor condition. Unfortunately, the key is missing, therefore, the watch does not currently operate. No apparent dents or repairs. Naturally, the watch presents with numerous surface scratches indicative of age and use. Case and glass front is significantly scratched. Small puncture underneath the secondhand dial. Little to no tarnish is present on the Silverline casing. Lastly, please review all photos as they are an essential part of our listing.