Rare LaFollette Tennessee Shelby Petroleum Sail Motor Oil Quart Can


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A very rare LaFollette Tennessee Shelby Petroleum Sail motor oil quart can.

The can is empty and was drained from the bottom. Two holes are present.

The Sail logo is prominent on the design with a single blue line boat laying behind the text. The text alternates between a red and white color scheme. The address of Shelby Petroleum is printed within a red band on the front of the tin. All text on the back of the can is clear and legible.

Pre-owned, the oil can does show signs of use and age. The front of the can is particularly weathered and discolored. The rear of the can is in much better condition. The can is empty and the drainage holes are in the bottom of the can.

Lastly, please view all the photographs as they serve as a true and important part of the item description and condition report.