SOLD – Swan with Cygnets Bijan Brass Sculpture


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Swan with Cygnets Bijan Brass Sculpture

Vintage Swan with Cygnets Bijan Brass Sculpture. A mixed media sculpture made of fashioned brass on a light-colored marble ball base, this unique piece of art exudes a distinctive retro-Asian charm. The piece features one large swan with wings spread wide, followed by a bevy of five small cygnets. Thanks to the artist’s skill, the swans appear to be swimming through a reed bed. His design creates a water in motion effect that works well with the reflective brass surface of the sculpture.

Engraved on bottom of base with the artists signature followed by the number “80.” In addition, a small plaque is present on the marble ball with artist signature and copyright logo along with number “85.”


Item measures approximately 13 ½” Tall x 15” Long x 9 1/2” Wide


Pre-owned, item is in Good condition with wear commensurate with age and use. Some discoloration and corrosion present on several areas on the sculpture. Lastly, please view all photographs as they serves as an extension to the description and condition report.

About the Artist:

“Bijan J. Bijan was born in Tehran, Iran in 1936 as Bijan Jazai Shokatfard. He came to United State in the spring of 1959, to become a “Doctor,” fulfilling his mother’s wishes. Medicine was not his calling, but art was. No one knew that at the time except Bijan himself. In 1972, he became an American citizen. Bijan, a major force in the mid-century metal art movement and considered by many to be “The Father of Metal Sculpture.” Bijan has been largely unappreciated for years, perhaps this is due to the lack of information available about this genius. Even with the lack of information, Bijan’s collectors love his works and their ranks are growing.