Vintage Cast Iron Squirrel Sprinkler – SOLD!


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Vintage Cast Iron Squirrel Sprinkler – SOLD

A delightfully whimsical Vintage Cast Iron Squirrel Sprinkler. This clever figural woodland lawn and garden sprinkler features a delightful squirrel gnawing on a prized nut. A garden hose attaches on the rear of the piece, screwing into a hose adapter near the base of the tail. The water exits via a series of 7 small holes located on the squirrel’s head. Still features some remnants of the original gold paint, however use and weathering has led to the buildup of a nice patina. Great for use as home or office decor, or replace the rubber grommet and use it in your lawn or garden!

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Item measures approximately 7 ¾” Tall x 7” Long x 3 ½” Wide


Pre-owned, this Vintage Cast Iron Squirrel Sprinkler is in Good condition with some wear commensurate with age. The original paint has faded or worn off on most of the squirrel’s body. It can still be seen along the tail, back, and parts of the face and ears. A weathered patina now covers most of the item, giving it a unique and aged look. There are light scratches and scuffs present along the length of the item. A small crack is visible between the squirrel’s back and arched tail. Some rust present inside the hose adapter. Also, the rubber grommet is currently missing and will need to be replaced should you desire to use this as a sprinkler. Finally, be sure to review all photos as they are an important part of our description.

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