Vintage Model 302 Bell System Rotary Phone – SOLD!


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A vintage model 302 Bell system rotary phone, undoubtedly a cool piece of telecommunication history. Featuring an F1 handset and H1 base connected by a black retractile insulated cord. “H1” appears painted on the underside of the base. “F1” appears on the inside of the telephone handle. Label inside face plate reads “DA 1” and “4634”. The dial number plate is made from steel and a white vitreous enamel face. Most likely produced in the early 1950s due to the fact that synthetic rubber jacketed cords became standard equipment after 1952.

Designed by Bell Telephone Labratories engineer George Lum in the early 1930s. A ringer unit, an induction coil, a metal can containing two capacitors and a connector terminal plate are built upon a rectangular steel base plate. Supported by four felt covered triangular feet attached under each corner. The housing sits on top of the base, secured with screws.

The majority of 302 telephone sets are in black, albeit some colored models do exist. The model never completely retired from service in the Bell System, which seized to exist in 1984 after large scale deployment commenced in 1937.


Item measures approximately 9 ¼” Long x 8” Deep x 5 ¼” Tall


Pre-owned, the model 302 telephone is in fair to good condition. Features wear commensurate with age and use. Includes all original wiring. Light scratches on body, minor pitting on front of phone beneath dial. Finish worn away on cradle from use. Most of original sticker located in the cradle has worn off. There is a small crack on face plate of dial. Finish on the rotary dial is worn away from use and the dial face plate label is worn. Felt covered feet still present but slightly worn from use.

Lastly please view all the photographs as they serve as an extension of the description and condition report.