SOLD – Vintage “Queen” General Store Paper Cutter Roll Holder


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Vintage “Queen” General Store Paper Cutter Roll Holder

A delightfully rustic Vintage “Queen” General Store Paper Cutter Roll Holder. Deep brown in color. The piece features a sturdy, semi-ornate cast iron frame with decorative cutouts on either side. Located on the front of the detachable cutter, the slightly aged “Queen”  decal sits predominantly. A wooden rod stretched between between the two legs of the frame secures the paper roll. The roll of paper is included in this listing. This unique piece makes for an interesting display item, but it’s craftsmanship allows it to be functional if you so desire.



The item measures approximately 12 1/2″ Tall x 14″ Long x 6 1/2″ Deep.



Pre-owned, the item is in Good condition with wear commensurate with age. The decal bearing the “Queen” logo is also in Good condition. The decal’s colors are slightly faded due to age and use, but are still clearly distinguishable. Lastly, please view all photographs as they serves as an extension to the description and condition report.

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