Wyandotte Hoky Poky Pressed Tin Railroad Clown Car Clockwork Toy – SOLD!



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A Wyandotte Hoky Poky pressed tin railroad clown car clockwork toy. A great collectible mid-century tin toy featuring two identical clowns. The toy has clockwork functionality and travels a number of feet on a smooth, flat surface.

Founded in 1920, the All Metal Products Company was based in Wyandotte, Michigan for most of its history. It produced inexpensive pressed metal toys under the Wyandotte brand name, and interestingly was the largest manufacturer of toy guns in the US for several decades in the 20th century. The company declared bankruptcy in 1956. As many of the Wyandotte toys were manufactured using metal many survive to this day and furthermore are highly sought after collectibles.


Item measures approximately 6 ¾” Long x 4 ¾” Wide x 5 ½” Tall


Pre-owned, this Wyandotte Hoky Poky pressed tin railroad clown car clockwork toy is in relatively good condition. Scuffs, dings and minor loss of paint feature yet, this wear is commensurate with age and use. Additionally the wheels show signs of paint wear. No cracks, major blemishes, or signs of repairs. Colors remain bright and the design is intact. Exterior clockwork key is present. Lastly please view all the photographs as they serve as an extension of the description and condition report.