A Retro Christmas at Avonlea Antiques

A Retro Christmas at Avonlea

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A Retro Christmas by Ann Marie Byrd, Taylor Marois and Michael Crabtree Avonlea Antiques & Interiors is proud to present a sample from the Atomic Style Studio Magazine’s Christmas issue, written by some of our in-house Mid-Century Modern experts. Atomic Style Studio is a fun magazine for lovers of the retro and vintage lifestyle. A digital issue is available for …

How the Print Media of the past has affected our material conception today

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Print media has a huge effect on how we perceive material objects. While marketing has increasingly evolved to digitized formats, the realm of paper advertising (in the form of magazines, newspapers, brochures, and signage) has maintained its visual impact. In fact, there seems to be a current allure to the nostalgic charm of paper advertising.Nostalgic advertising revisited For example, take …